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“I HATE MATH!” How completely and obviously ignorant of me.Yes, I was one of those folks for almost four decades.

“I LOVE MATH”, now. People always assumed I was “good at math.” I just “got” computers and technology since 4th grade like they were appendages. Objectively, you can’t really compare math and computers. Apples and Oranges.

That said, I learned the identical lessons but my stimuli was computers. I notice if someone says “I am scared of computers.” or “I will mess it up.” That was like me saying “I HATE MATH” and annoying my math teachers with that whiny “When am I ever gonna use this?”

Dan Farino, a former roommate, once stopped and said, “You don’t hate math! You use it all the time when we talk. You are actually good at math”. Without that, I would have never found out how much I love it. Reading this, I would have never known, like with computers, I was allowed to fail a lot on the way to a correct answer. I didn’t know, sometimes, it was suppose to take forever to solve. And, no, the Jeopardy theme was not counting me down in the classroom.

Reading “Lessons from My Math Degree That Have Nothing to Do with Math: The unexpected upsides to studying numbers” was very healing. It fundamentally realigned and enlightened my perspective.

Namaste to the author. You can’t pay someone enough to have one of life’s rare “Ah Haaa” moments. Where parts of like clicks into place just a little bit more. Thank you.

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